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Dear User,

Greetings from Robotix Technologies
Hearty welcome to DAY 3 Training :
We request you to complete Day 1, Day 2 before starting Day 3 training :
Please don't start immediately - Read this email two to three times before starting of actual work.
If you miss any of the training please mail us :
In Day2, you created Facebook group, Whatsapp group and Telegram group.
Now, this is the time to create our fans base.
Now,  go to facebook and reach to your friends. We request please watch this video on how to share facebook group:
Link To Video : CLICK HERE
For eg :  I have created secret group exclusively for Gents T-shirts at Wholesale price or anything you just add wholesale word and increase your group capacity day by day, And also ask them to join whatsapp group and Telegram group. (Give your facebook group link)
In Facebook if you are positing Exclusive Gents T-shirts Collection and in whatsapp you can do Exclusive Formal dresses for men at wholesale price and in Telegram you can use for Exclusive electronics at whole sale price. (Here we just used these names for demonstrate purpose, But, you can make it as of your choice.)
Now, if 10 members joined in fb group or whatsapp or Telegram - It's really a great success.
Please go to Day 1 tutorial and now start sharing two to three products in each facebook, whatsapp and Telegram on daily basis.
Please watch this video on how to share Meesho products : 
In Next session, we will give best tips and techniques to increase the orders.... (Meesho is having COD - cash on delivery facility - it is enough to attract the new customers.)
Thank you. Good Luck in 2019.

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