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We are not responsible for any financial or anything. The purpose of this website sharing knowledge about online money making opportunities.

We will not disclose your information to anyone, All the collected information, we can use to promote the products and marketing purpose only.

Free Paytm cash limited to 1000 rs for every user in his life time. Every week (It's depends on funds availability) we will select users randomly and award

10,20,40,80,100,150,200,250 rs.

Profit distribution mean not all the profit, it's part of the profit.

The active members ratio is out of 3 people, 1 people usually active.(This will change as of situation)

Prize distribution or paytm cash distribution subjected to availability funds. All the decision owned by Online Time website management.

99 members will be accepted via phases for each district. (If more people are interested for any district, greater than 99, then we will divide them in phases).

99 members part of Robotixindia family valid for 1 year only. Extension of this validity purely depends on management only. 

Special Business opportunity will be closed at any point of time.

Management will change terms and conditions on regular basis for the benefit of the website.

If we found any inactive member then his position will be replaced by active member in that district.

Win to win revenue sharing completely decided by the management only.

Continuing of win win revenue sharing model purely depending upon management decision.

We can cancel profit sharing at any point of time all based on success of our website.

This opportunity strictly for the people 18+ age.

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